Hog hunting bait

The feral hog is a valuable trophy and a fascinating hunting object. To organize a hunt for this animal, the hunter must first develop a strategy and strictly adhere to tactics because it is difficult and dangerous to shoot this intelligent and robust animal. As a hunting trophy, feral hogs are highly prized. Hunting a wild hog is a reliable indicator among professional hunters since a lot of effort is required. However, everyone who has ever gone on a wild hog hunt will be sure that this can be difficult and even dangerous. Feral hogs are relatively large animals, distinguished by intelligence and caution/

Tips and Tricks For Taking Feral Hogs

A difficult task when hunting feral hogs is the use of unique baits for their catch. Each type of bait has its expiration date. In general, the bait consists of a specific set of practical components. Each bait manufacturer uses different components. These factors influence the result of the hunt, where and how it takes place. One of the most popular hog baits is grain-based supplements. There is also a great demand for baits with unique flavors, similar to the secretions of a feral hog or an exciting female feral hogs. Such baits show high efficiency in any weather.

Also, such baits have shown themselves well in hunting: a tarry brown liquid that smells of smoke and a mixture of fruit and corn oils with the smell of mushrooms. In addition, baits can include the following components: analogs of female and male urine, the smell of fermented fruits, and a substance that interrupts the scent of people. The set of aromas is determined by the reaction of the hogs to them. Too strong a smell will scare away, and a slight scent will attract animals. This does not apply to the smell of the feed. In this case, the situation is precisely the opposite. The greatest concentration attracts the feral hog more. The weather also influences the choice of the right scent. You need to know that with an increase in humidity and temperature, the evaporation of aromas increases. The strength and direction of the wind are of great importance. It can reduce or increase the sensitivity of animals to odor. Flavored gels are also in demand among hunters, which serve to bait feral hogs. They carry smells similar to real ones. In this case, the hog will no longer pass by him. Natural ingredients are used in the manufacture. Therefore, their use in hunting does not harm the animal world. This gel can be used to treat grass, trees, earth, and snow near the hunter to distract the animal from the smell of a man.

Recently, such bait methods were used only by professional hunters. Amateurs are just starting to use them. Bait hunting is much easier and more simplified. The effect and interest from this only increases. An extensive list of types of baits, their correct use allows you to lead feral hogs in the right direction. If you consider the right choice of places for appeal, then on all hog trails, there are “bases.” The hogs stop at them. This is not due to the amount of feed per unit area. If you decide to “lay” a road for the feral hog and make a base near it, you need to study the place.

In practice, it became clear that good baits pay off on the hunt. Food-musky and hormonal baits on the feral hog lead him to a particular place. They force the beast to stop to find food. Salt licks and stony soils complete the necessary picture in this case.

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